Boys varsity basketball team rounds out season


Boys varsity guard Jacob Villarreal brings the ball down the court.

Omar Gonzalez, Reporter

The boys varsity basketball team have been playing hard throughout their season. They stand 5-13 in district, 9-21 overall. 

The team practiced daily staying focused on performing to their full potential.

“I’m motivated through my love for the game, it’s fun and I would rather play it than video games,” shooting guard Seth River said.

Players are looking forward to the opportunities to play in college, and maybe even in the NBA. 

“I hope to get a scholarship so that my mom doesn’t have to pay for my education,” River said. 

The team’s goal is to make it to the playoffs. They are looking forward to making a playoff run and making it to district. 

“A big team goal is to finish the season off 6-0 and hopefully have a chance to make a playoff run,” point guard Jacob Villarreal said. 

The varsity boys are determined to compete. 

“Our challenge is to work hard to overcome in our lack of size, because we’re not always the biggest team, we have to work harder than everybody else on the court and give it 110 percent,” Villarreal said. 

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