Wrestling requires discipline, hard work as the season continues


Kristyn Aguilera

Varsity wrestling team members Annahi Duchene and Diego Estala practicing techniques after school.

Kristyn Aguilera, Reporter

The boys and girls wrestling team is paving the way to a successful season. The team has set its goals and is prepared to overcome setbacks by working on techniques.

“Our goal for the boys is to repeat as four times district champs,” varsity wrestling captain Ever Atilano said. “For the girls it is to become district champs for the first time.”  

Varsity wrestling captain Victoria Herrera agrees. 

“As a team I would love to take home an All-District title for the boys and girls,” Herrera said. 

The wrestling team trains every day and stays on strict diets to achieve its goals.

“We continuously work day-in and day-out,” Atilano said. “Two and a half hours of continuous drilling, conditioning and live wrestling.” 

The wrestling team continues to work in order to improve.

“There is always someone out there better than you, every day we’re learning a bunch of different techniques,” Herrera said. 

The wrestlers have created a bond through the sport. 

“We all share the same goal, to become better every day,” Herrera said. “So being there with people who have the same mindset as you makes us bond a lot more.”

Both captains are in agreement.

“We stick by each other’s side through the easy and celebrated moments and the tough and challenging times,” Atilano said. 

Varsity wrestling coach Christopher Thummel sees eye-to-eye with his captains. 

“The team is doing a great job on sticking together and supporting one another when times get tough,” Thummel said.

The athletes admit this sport takes a lot of dedication and commitment.

“If a team member is truly committed to wrestling, he or she risks losing time for other things including family and friend time,” Atilano said. “A lot of time is taken to prepare the kids to be successors in the sport, so we take a good amount of their time to make sure that happens.” 

As a captain, Herrera knows how much dedication it takes, after being a team member for four years.

“Wrestling isn’t like any other sport where you can eat whatever you want, miss a couple practices and be fine with a (whatever) mentality,” Hererra said. “Wrestling takes a lot of discipline and respect.”

Thummel knows this sport is time consuming and requires commitment.

“It is hours away from family, strict diets, countless difficult workouts and getting knocked down many times,” Thummel said. “But athletes learn to rise above adversity.” 

As the season comes to an end, Thummel shares his outlook on the year.

“I’m extremely proud of the effort and dedication that the athletes showed day-in and day-out,” Thummel said. “I learned so much from them this year and it was an absolute honor to coach such a great group of kids.” 

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