Tennis team makes big comeback



The varsity tennis team gathers after making playoffs for the first time in 28 years.

Kristyn Aguilera, Reporter

Having a strong season and an even stronger comeback, the varsity tennis team went 5-3 overall in district. They made playoffs for the first time in 28 years, with the dedication and assistance of tennis coach Victor Gutierrez.

“It was a really fun experience and I am really proud of my players,” Gutierrez said. “We competed very well, we played them well.”

Gutierrez also has the additional help of varsity tennis captains Julian Martinez and Mauricio Moreno.

“The role of captain is something I am grateful and truly honored for,” Martinez said. “I guide and help players that need that extra push to becoming good.”

Moreno and Martinez work hand-in-hand to support the varsity tennis team.

“It feels great being one of the captains, it’s great helping out the less experienced players and giving them motivation to win,” Moreno said.

A feeling of accomplishment is in the air about this breakthrough.

“It feels great making the playoffs, it feels even better making the playoffs for the first time in 28 years,” Moreno said.

Both captains are in agreement.

 “Making the playoffs was really exciting since it was the first milestone we reached as a team,” Martinez said.

Gutierrez enjoys being the coach of a conquering tennis team.

“It was a fun experience,” Gutierrez said. “It’s a lot of responsibility as a coach but I thrive with the competition.”

This achievement was very stressful and it took a lot of hard work from the tennis team.

“The most challenging match was playoffs since we played the number one seed in 5A,” Martinez said. “On top of that it was the deciding match that led to the end of the season or advancing.”

Moreno had another opinion.

“The most challenging part was playing against Parkland because we played under pressure and that game determined if we went to playoffs,” Moreno said.

The varsity tennis team put up a strong fight, they lost to El Paso High School 10-6.

“It was a good season, I expect to be better next season,” Gutierrez said.

The tennis team will try to go farther in the playoffs next year, they have ideas on how to accomplish this goal.

“The team will need to practice more and not take any days off in order to go farther in the playoffs,” Moreno said.

Gutierrez has thoughts about this goal as well.

“We need to keep on getting stronger and work on our skills,” Gutierrez said.

The varsity tennis team ended the season powerfully.

“A lot of team building that went on during the season allowed us to perform the way we did,” Martinez said.

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