Girls eye playoffs early in season


Samantha Velarde

Point guard Adryan aims for the first shot of the game against Ysleta High School.

Samantha Velarde, Reporter

The girls varsity basketball team is working to create a bond. They have two new members and 10 returners. With the season coming along the team has high expectations.

Much of the team’s achievements are based on the foundation of friendship. The teammates agree that their relationship as a team is stronger than ever.

    “Our bond is way stronger than it was last year. There’s no (I), it’s us and we. We work together and do things together as a team and obviously it’s important when you want to win,” forward Jacqueline Morales said.

The goal for the team is to go to far.

“We want to excel from last year’s season. We’re working hard to take the school to the playoffs,” Morales said.

Balancing school, basketball and extracurricular activities can be stressful for the girls on the team.

“We sacrifice a lot of our time. We have to wait for the freshman and junior teams to play. We don’t get home until nine or ten, that’s time that could have been used for homework,” low post Natalie Murillo said.

The team supports each other when they are on the court.

“Our team likes to pick each other up, so you can always expect us to have a positive attitude when we’re playing,” Murillo said.

The team has worked hard and has dedicated their time to help prepare the teammates.

“With the talent we have on the team they have been able to create opportunities for me to get open without having to deal with all the pressure,” guard Adryan Alvarez said.

Along with the girls on the team basketball coach Gabriela Diaz has to put aside her time, effort and dedication to prep the girls.

“She always pushes me to do my best. To work hard whether it’s the game or practice. She will never let me perform less than what I’m able to offer and I appreciate everything she does for me, and for the team as well,” Alvarez said.

The team stands 2-1in district, 4-6 overall. The girls won against Ysleta 86-26, Nov 20; Hanks 47-24, Nov 24; Fabens 67-31, Nov 15; Bowie 43-40, Nov 5; they lost to San Elizario, 36-50 Nov 16; Jefferson 30-37, Nov 13; Irvin 20-50, Nov 2; Bel Air 43-67, Dec 12; Johnson 36-50, Nov 29; Highland 54-56, Dec 1.

“Prior to games, we try to match the intensity of drills in practices as if they were in a game-like setting. Additionally, film study, scouting and offensive or defensive plans are also the necessary part of the game,” coach Gabriela Diaz said.

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