Can ‘The 100’ survive in the old, new world?

Illustrated by Felix Pina

Felix Pina, Reporter

Clarke Griffin is a girl who has lived on a spaceship and has never seen earth. She is a prisoner with other young inmates who are going to earth to test if it is habitable again. She is a leader that will help keep everyone stay together. These are all elements featured in “The 100.”

“The 100” has drama, tragedy, and unexpected events. It has shocking plot twists. Viewers learn about each character’s past and the reason they are inmates. “The 100” is a good show to binge watch while waiting impatiently for new episodes on the CW channel.

“The 100” was originally a book series. The pilot episode aired March 19, 2014, and was developed by Jason Rothenberg, an American TV producer and writer. The show is in season four with each season containing 13 episodes.

“The 100” features actors Eliza Taylor, as Clarke Griffin, and Bob Morley, as Bellamy Blake. Clarke is a strong, intelligent, protective character. Bellamy is an open minded, resourceful and confrontational character, his sister Octavia Blake is played by Marie Avgeropoulos.

“The 100” is rated 7.8/10 by IMDb users and has an average audience rating of 72 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It is one of many must-watch TV series and it’s suspenseful atmosphere helps put it on this list. “The 100” is exciting to watch every step of the way.