Dracula back onstage


Helio Leza

The cast of dracula at the end of the play. This was Friday Nov. 5 in the theater.

Helio Leza, Reporter

It is the season when the moon is bright and vampires begin to rise.”Dracula,” is the best known vampire. Senior Michael Garcia has the leading role in Dracula. The play was held Nov 3, 4, and 5 in the theater.

The play was originally supposed to be Oct 20, 21, 23 but the dates were changed to be able to give the actors more time.

“I think everybody is scared that they will skip a few lines and make the other actor mess up so we have to be careful with that. I was a bit concerned at first but when the show was coming closer I felt more confident about the cast,” theater director Marissa Thurman said.

This is the first play the theater produces since the pandemic.

“We went through different actors and we got our definite cast a little late and some of us were new actors so it was a learning process. But I know they’re ready because our actors and tech have worked so hard,” stage director Celeste Lopez said.

The actors had some great chemistry.

“I’m very confident about the play because we have some skilled actors and good chemistry. There was a big setback when we had to rely on one of our actors to play two roles due to not having enough actors. Honestly it’s been stressing me out more that there was a setback but in the end it worked out for the better,” Actor Michael Garcia said.

Orchestra was there to play when Dracula appeared.

“On Thursday my death scream was absolutely terrible. On Friday I decided to use my inhale fry scream (a technique used by heavy metal bands,) to make it seem like the demons were leaving my body,” Micheal Garcia said.