Gum under the table, a sweet parting gift; not!


Dennise Muniz-Orozco

Class is a tad boring, hands wander, they slowly scan under the desk and now they are touching the sticky used gum someone else left behind. Eww no! The gum is stretchy, it sticks, and now someone else’s spit is all over one’s hands. Thanks.

Touching gum from 1993 or maybe last period amounts to the same gross thing, one’s hands could possibly fall off from touching all that fermented spit. Or maybe not.

Finding a sticky surprise under the desk while taking a test is awesome, said no one ever. Gum doesn’t belong under the desk. It is to be chewed and thrown away in a trash can when it’s flavorless.

Gum under the desk is gross. It is unhygienic, full of bacteria, and it invades personal space. There is not a single student desk on campus that doesn’t have a town full of colorful pieces of gum stuck under it. Beyond nasty.

Whether one is the “sticker” or the “stickeed,” it seems everyone is on the “Lazy” train. People would rather stick their gum under the desk than get up to throw it away.

Fiddling around with the gum to get it to stick under the desk can’t be easy and it’s high on the gross factor. It is easier to get up and throw it away instead of trying to get it to stick to the desk. But for those who do it, gravity will have its way one day.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to surviving with gum under the desk. One can try to ignore the gum stuck underneath a desk, one can give in and handle the gum, and then quickly drown one’s hands in Germ-X afterwards, or the gum can be toyed with and stretched out to pass the time a little faster. Eww no.

Sticking gum under the desk will never stop, it is part of the high school experience to touch someone else’s gum that’s been under the desk. After all students haven’t lived “the thug life” if they’ve never stuck some gum under the desk. Right?

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