Lies can be dangerous


Evelyn Perez

lies can have consequences that can affect many people.

Evelyn Perez, Promotions Coordinator

Everyone has deep and dark lies in Dangerous Lies directed by Micheal M. Scott that soon will be revealed by someone very close. When Camila Mendes comes to take care of an elderly man she finds something that shocks her. 

The young woman and her boyfriend are hired to help an elderly man. The woman helps the man cook, give him medicine and clean the house and the boyfriend keeps the garden intact.  

Watching the first part of the movie is most enjoyable watching how these young people help others to feel good about themselves and make others feel good too.

Then, the elderly man has an awful tragedy and dies. The young woman and man discover that the elderly man has left them everything he owns. 

The man had grown attached to her. She was part of his life because he had no one left. 

The woman and her boyfriend start to settle in their new home. When the boyfriend starts to look around he finds a locked door. When he gets in there he finds this odd box that he decides to open it. There is money in it.

It is weird finding money they don’t know how the man got it.

           Someone very suspicious finds out that they found money. The woman and the man try to figure out what to do to get rid of the man. 

           The woman and man have a good idea but, this part can’t be revealed. Watch the movie.