A family trip goes apocalyptic


Lindsay Estrada

Imagine this — a trip with over-enthusiastic parents and a strange brother, suddenly a crazy robot apocalypse forces the family to save the world, making them humanity’s last chance for survival. 

“The Mitchells vs The Machines” is a wacky film about a family’s venture to their daughter’s film school, interrupted by a robotic uprising against humanity. In order to save the world, they have to come together and unite. The film captures the dynamic of a dysfunctional family and the peculiar troubles that come with it. 

Dynamic animation and fantastic gags make the movie enjoyable.. The humor is as great as the effects and the light-heartedness of the Mitchell family attracts all ages. All the characters are distinct and unique in their own ways, which make the story interesting and pop out. 

The style of the animation is CGI but also has a fun 2D effect to it which make the film appealing to look at. Everything about this film is unique and different from others in Hollywood.