Disney + makes its way into Netflix territory


Evelyn Perez, Reporter

           The new friendly and creative app Disney + is making its way to win over people’s hearts. Introduced Nov. 12, Disney + features portions of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic content.  

          As Hollywood Reporter said, the creator of Walt Disney, CEO Bob Iger created a wave of a billion dollar by launching an app that provides.          

         Coming to this entertainment app, people are loving it more than Netflix, Hulu and HBO because of having all their original movies that Disney has made the past years. . People have been obsessing over Disney + because of the cheaper price and wide variety. At $6.99 a month Disney + is half the price of Netflix $8.99 charge. 

          Disney + is a new way to entertain kids, teenagers, even adults. This app has an extensive list of movies that can be watched online or offline. In mid-October Disney + tweeted the launch library of 645 movies and shows, Thrillist said Oct. 15. What people like and are impressed is that Netflix has about 6,494 movies and 1,609 shows making it a little bigger than the app they are having a competition. But later in the year Disney + will be having a total of 7,500 episodes and 500 movies. 

       Netflix has been putting originals in the earnest of Feb.1, 2013.  Disney + has a smaller content than the competitors. When dealing with content, Disney + launched with less than one-fifth of the selections on Netflix. They provide Star Wars, Frozen, The Three Musketeers, Lizzie McGuier, and the X-Men series.   

          As Investopedia said on May.6, Netflix is one of the largest providers of streaming shows and movies content on the internet.       

          Netflix is in the midst of trying to surpass Disney + by making tie-ins partnerships with Coca-Cola, Baskin-Robbins and Burger King to gain their viewers back. Netflix has a partnership with Nike to bring back the 80’s because of the movie Stranger Things. Disney + has ways they can beat Netflix. Disney + has unlimited downloads for up to 10 devices. Disney + has a lot of Disney classics and new originals too.

           Netflix can create up to 5 personalized profiles, however,  Disney + can create up to seven profiles which also lets you pick an avatar. 

           Netflix has a good age to create their own profile not wanting kids to create them because of the content they might not want to see. This makes the parent not worry about what they see until 18 which is the age to make their own personalized profile.  In other words, Disney + lets (you) have your profile at the age of 14 or older making it kinda good for kids because its just Disney movies.               

 Disney + has competitors, but that will not stop them.     

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