Lin’s Grand Buffet the best in the city


photoshop by Diego Mendez

Chinese food is their specialty but Lin’s also serves American food and delicious flan.

Diego Mendez, Reporter

Lin’s Grand Buffet is the best place to eat Chinese food and American food. It is like eating at home because of the quiet environment.

Found on the corner of Yarbrough and Gateway Blvd East it is the best restaurant in town with so many stars in reviews.

It is magical because of the great glass work that welcomes one upon entering the restaurant and a very beautiful Chinese dragon illuminated with colored LEDs.

They have great chefs who prepare a variety of delicious Chinese food and delicious desserts including flan which is among the best. They keep all the food hot using steam tables instead of warming   

tables. Everything is fresh and the only thing that was tough were the ribs. All the other proteins are very tender and tasty. 

The flan is sweet and soft and is the most delicious dessert in the place. 

The bittersweet sauce is a bit thin but it tastes very good. The family will definitely eat again in this beautiful place.

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