Hillside Coffee vs Coffee Box

Cameron Murguia, reporter

Local cafe businesses are thriving including Hillside Coffee and Coffee Box. 

These places are popular in this area and look very different but have similar vibes.

The Coffee Box has an unusual structure, it’s a recycled metal storage bin, which is good for the environment. The Box has a cool hipster vibe. It is very tiny and is only made out of the storage boxes. 

Hillside Coffee is a bit more of a traditional coffee shop. The menu is written on chalkboards, the walls and floor are wood, there is mood lighting and the muted color scheme is cozy and welcoming.

Coffee Box’s menu includes coffee, smoothies, frappes, teas and treats such as muffins, cake pops and macaroons. Hillside’s menu has a larger variety which includes donuts, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast bowls, sandwiches, salads, teas, smoothies, lemonades and most importantly the coffee, lattes, and espressos.

Both of these places are great to hang out at and have a cup of coffee and a snack. However Hillside Coffee has more of a variety of beverages and snacks. 

At Hillside Coffee the environment is comfortable. They had nice service and were quick and efficient and the customers that were inside were quite and calm. A medium latte was $3.49. It was delicious and good for a cozy day in. The only problem with the coffee was it’s a little strong and could have been a bit more sweet. 

At Coffee Box the environment is for walking around. They have very nice service and were quick and efficient and there isn’t many people inside due to how small it is. One thing they didn’t have is a wide variety of treats and a medium latte cost $3.75. It tasted great and good for a walk. The only problem with the coffee was it’s a little weak. 

These places were both enjoyable and reasonably priced but one bad thing about both is that they are located in the west side and Hillside had another shop in the east side. 

Coffee Box provides a better experience due to the other activities around the shop.

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