Not the usual cemetery visit


Itzel Viramontes

Concordia Cemetery Ghosts and Gravestones Tour located at 3700 E Yandell Dr.

Itzel Viramontes, Reporter

Arriving at 8 p.m, people are waiting for The Concordia Cemetery Ghosts & Gravestones Tour outside the gates of the cemetery. As soon as guests are allowed inside, one is greeted by the hosts who are dressed in vampire-like costumes, holding candles, amid the darkness of the cemetery.

From 9 to 11 p.m. the group is guided across the 52-acre cemetery accompanied by stories of the “most active” areas and individuals there. Tour guide Heather Shade talked about her favorite ghost, Lady Flow, then takes the group to two different spiritual vortexes, shows where serial killer Richard Ramirez used to hang out, gives photographic proof of the spirit of a child in the infant nursery section, takes the group to a place that over time was nicknamed Hell, and many other fun adventures. Throughout the tour, the group is encouraged by tour guides to take lots of pictures and use apps that serve as ghost radar detectors and communicators.

For a mere $15 the evening is filled with historical facts of some of the 65,000 souls buried there including many interesting stories of sightings. The non-profit organization Lost El Paso Paranormal, founded by Heather Shade, gives back the money collected in this tour to Concordia Cemetery to preserve this historical burial place.