YFC returns, FCA joins fellowship

Students are gathering for pizza and fellowship to grow spiritually during school hours. Every Thursday during both lunches, the school’s new club Youth For Christ (YFC)/Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meets in the orchestra room to listen to Youth Pastor, Alex Arredondo.

“This is a place where people can come together and try to find what’s meaningful in life,” Pastor Alex said. Rarely are there people who are willing to preach to teens about God.

“First, I feel it’s something God asked me to do. Second, I think teens get ignored a lot and the Bible and myself agree that teens are capable of doing a lot more than what people give them credit for. So I want to help bring that out,” Pastor Alex said.

YFC is a non-profit organization sponsored by Abundant Living Faith Center. The church provides all students who attend the meetings with pizza  from Peter Piper Pizza. YFC has many goals, both short and long term. One of the main goals  is to impact lives for the better, sponsor Claudia Caraveo said.

Making this a student led organization is another goal for YFC.

Caraveo took the sponsorship for various reasons.

“I just want to grant an opportunity to have an alternative for students and create a stronger relationship with God,” Caraveo said.

Many students enjoy the lunch meetings.

“Everyone should go,” senior Iliana Lopez said, “after a meeting I feel so calm and happy it pushes me to continue the rest of my week.”

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