AP art students set to shatter VASE competition


Hillary Monclova

AP art student Eric sketches out his piece.

Hillary Monclova, Reporter

Stepping into the art room, AP students are deep into art projects for the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) competition. They hunch over their pieces, hard at work. Although it may not look like much, they are molding their creations into something truly inspiring.

VASE is sponsored by the Texas Art and Education Association (TAEA). It’s an opportunity for students across the region to showcase their art to judges for an evaluation of their piece.

With inspiration coming from family and idols, the competitors work on their pieces.

“My grandfather inspired this piece, Luna de Queso. He always used to tell me the moon was made of cheese,” junior AP art student Alan Serratos said. “I want people to look at my print and remember all the people that have passed and the memories they help create.”

The artists are comfortable in the classroom. As they share jokes and tips with their peers they gain insight from each other to help them better their pieces.

“I prefer working on my piece at school because I have a nice flat surface and the light helps me achieve small details I could miss,” junior AP art student Alexis Medina said. “I can listen to music to calm my nerves as well as talk with friends.”

The artists think about the meaning behind their work. They hope to make an impact. Although the meanings are different, they share one common factor, they want to change the way people view the world.

Junior AP art student Stephanie Sanchez is creating a painting of a woman climbing a mountain while men tie her down with cleaning products. She hopes she will bring awareness to gender inequality.

“I wanted to create something really impactful to get through to people,” Sanchez said. “I want to call the attention of the women looking at my piece and let them know that we are in this together.”

AP art teacher, Raul Monares, hopes that the students competing in the Regionals VASE competition, Feb. 26 at Hanks High School, get the opportunity to vie once more at the State event with their original art pieces.

“VASE is an opportunity to showcase my student’s skills and to go further than the walls of Del Valle High School and eventually for state to see their talent,” Monares said.

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