5 Dj’s, one throne


Angelica Ledesma

junior Laura Bustillos listens to her favorite DJ, Martin Garrix.

Angelica Ledesma, Reporter

DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list is a controversial and a well-known award series in the electronic dance music industry. Every year, over 1 million fans worldwide vote for their favorite artist in the Top 100 DJ poll. People can start voting on July 11th and closes in September 19th. Voters must login through Google or Facebook and can choose up to five DJ’s. The voter may choose the same DJ five times.

Martin Garrix, placed #1 DJ for the third year in a row. Dutch electro-house DJ, Martijn Gerard Garritsen, gained worldwide recognition when his first solo “Animals” was released five years ago. Garrix was 17 when his breakout hit “Animals” became an electro-house anthem, making fans go insane. Throughout years of worldwide performances for massive festival crowds, by age 20 he was an international superstar making more singles and collaborations.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike retain their #2 spot which they have held for the past three years, although they were #1 in 2015. The Belgian brothers, Dimitri and Michael Thivaios, started their careers at a young age. The brothers began to DJ in local nightclubs at the age of 14 and later became presenters on the Belgium radio station on Beat FM. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike hosted the Tomorrowland EDM festival in 2010 and also collaborated with other well-known DJ’s. The record production duo racked numerous pop hits in Belgium and other Europeans countries.

Hardwell went up by one spot taking #3 where DJ Armin Van Buuren placed last year, but now Buuren takes #4. Robbert van de Corput, stage name for Hardwell, began DJing at the age of 13. He would watch massive dance parties on MTV which encouraged him to learn how to mix. Later he became interested in mixing and working on his own productions which blew out the charts.

There was an unexpected shake up between spots #5 and #6. The French DJ, David Guetta, takes #5 on the list for the first time in many years taking down ‘greatest DJ of all time’ Tiesto. David Guetta began DJing in the late ‘80s and has transformed dance music several times. Although David Guetta may have taken Tiesto’s spot, he has nothing but respect for him. Tiesto is more than just a world-famous DJ, he has done many playful collabs with the new generation of composers.

The Top 100’s Dj’s have received criticism among fans and artists. Often people who vote on the poll look based on the popularity of an artist rather than talent. In that case, whether the list came out fair or worst, it remains to be a worldwide recognition in Electro dance music.

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