California senior triple threat athlete despite missing arm


Raily Quinn can do it all, a 18-year-old St. Francis Mountain View High School senior from California plays with one arm. And most impressive,  he maintains a straight-A average.

Quinn was born missing his left forearm and hand after a broken amniotic band cut off circulation in utero. Some people would see this as a drawback, but he sees it as a blessing and motivation. He plays baseball, football, and basketball.

Wearing a varsity letterman’s jacket that spells out his unique triple-threat status in football, basketball and baseball, the honor student carries himself with confidence and always smiles to show how big people can be.

Quinn has impressed doubters throughout his life, any criticism he has received is gone after watching him play.

Quinn tells people that he sometimes forgets he has only one arm because he always has this positive attitude towards everything he does. He also has a name for his missing arm, he calls it “Marty.” He puts a superhero cape on Marty prior to game day for good luck.

James Anthony Abbott, a baseball player who was born without a right hand, played major league baseball with several teams including the New York Yankees and California White Sox from 1989 to 1999, is one of Quinn’s inspirations. Quinn was 10 and met him on the golf course.

Now it’s Quinn’s turn to became an inspirations to others. People can learn a lot from this straight-A average guy, he is one of a kind, he always tries to give his best and to be happy no matter what others have to say.

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