Girls sports wrap-up

Volleyball: Starting the season the girls  varsity volleyball team brought their A-game ending 15-16 in district.
“We made the playoffs and did very well, the playoffs were unexpected we weren’t supposed to go,” coach Jesse Lugo said.

Girls Basketball: The team played their best but by the end of the season their best just wasn’t enough ending 14-15 in district and 14-21 overall.
“Tough season at the end of of the second round at district. We were able to close the gap between teams,” coach Gabriela Diaz said.

Girls Soccer: Marking the start of the spring season in sports the team ended  on an even note in district, standing 7-7, and  7-16 overall.
“It went as expected we’re still a young team and our goal was just to make it to playoffs. I was satisfied with the outcome,” coach Pedro Espinoza said.

Softball: These girls sure know the game and how to play it well because by the end of their season they were14-15 in district and 15-12 overall, ending the  year on top.

Cheerleading: With their endless practices and cheering on the home team the cheerleaders  know who’s boss. The season ended with the cheer squad taking second place in nationals.
“Ms. Yuarte and I have high expectations for next year 2015-2016 squad,” coach Morse said.