Vendor fare pricey and dicey


In school, lunch is everyone’s favorite part of the day. Students like to eat, plus it’s a really fun way to spend time with friends. But the food from the vendors isn’t always that good.

The Lone Star Bakery has a variety of baked goods, on a daily basis, which students and teachers can choose including sweet, delicious brownies, doughnuts, awesome churros and other pan dulce.

To start the week, the Monday vendors, Xtreme Pizza and Ye-Ye Kitchen, lure students into the foyer with what turns out to be mediocre food.
Xtreme Pizza’s pizza doesn’t even taste like pizza. The grease-covered box opens to reveal a giant crust that can’t even out the bland, excessive sauce that covers the pie.
    Ye-Ye Kitchen isn’t atrocious but it isn’t good either. Many students settle for the moderate-tasting, slightly overpriced Chinese food.

For some students, the best day of the week regarding lunch is Tuesday. On Burrito Tuesday, SNHS and FNHS members sell ridiculously delicious burritos de rajas, chile colorado, chile verde, chicharron, and the classic beans with cheese for $2 each. But hurry, because the favorites sell out quickly.

The new vendor taking a spot on Wednesday is Genghis Grill, serving Mongolian stir fry. The Special Fried Rice was anticipated to have a good balance of rice, chicken, and veggies in the small $5 box. Instead, all that was inside was a ton of rice and little to no chicken or veggies except onion – a lot of onion.

On Thursdays, the Mexican food stand sells papas locas, agua de limon, gorditas and elote en vaso. Everything is good except for the gorditas. Some say the gorditas are not worth the $4.

The week wraps up with students buying the sweet shaved ice of Bahama Buck’s. Ranging from different flavors, students pick the kind they want with the choice of adding chamoy, a sweet and spicy sauce, or creme. A recommendation for Bahama Buck’s is combining of mango with chamoy. Nom, nom nom!