• Swim team family works to meet goals
  • Varsity volleyball’s hopeful comeback season
  • Lady Conquistadores vs. Ysleta Indians 2018-19

Recent Results

Varsity BaseballFri, Apr 24 Hanks High School0-8L
Hanks High School0-8L
Varsity SoftballFri, Apr 24 Eastlake High School3-5L
Eastlake High School3-5L
Varsity SoftballTue, Apr 21 Horizon High School15-4W
Horizon High School15-4W
Varsity BaseballTue, Apr 21 Eastlake High School0-10L
Eastlake High School0-10L
Varsity Boys SoccerSat, Apr 18 Hanks High School5-15L
Hanks High School5-15L
Varsity BaseballSat, Apr 18 Bel Air High School3-0W
Bel Air High School3-0W
Varsity SoftballFri, Apr 17 Eastlake High School14-11W
Eastlake High School14-11W
Varsity BaseballFri, Apr 17 Ysleta High School3-4L
Ysleta High School3-4L
Varsity BaseballTue, Apr 14 Riverside High School5-3W
Riverside High School5-3W
Varsity BaseballSat, Apr 11 Parkland High School14-5W
Parkland High School14-5W
Varsity SoftballFri, Apr 10 Ysleta High School19-8W
Ysleta High School19-8W
Varsity BaseballFri, Apr 10 Horizon High School10-4W
Horizon High School10-4W
Varsity Boys SoccerFri, Apr 03 Canyon High School3-1W
Canyon High School3-1W
Varsity BaseballThu, Apr 02 Eastlake High School6-2W
Eastlake High School6-2W
Varsity SoftballThu, Apr 02 Parkland High School0-10L
Parkland High School0-10L
Varsity BaseballSat, Mar 28 Bel Air High School13-16L
Bel Air High School13-16L
Varsity SoftballSat, Mar 28 Horizon High School21-4W
Horizon High School21-4W
Varsity SoftballFri, Mar 27 Jefferson High School12-7W
Jefferson High School12-7W
Varsity SoftballFri, Mar 27 Canutillo High School7-8L
Canutillo High School7-8L
Varsity Boys SoccerFri, Mar 27 Irvin High School3-1W
Irvin High School3-1W
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