ID regulations enforced


Amanda Viallobos


The enforcement of one rule took students by surprise. From the moment they step in school, a student ID must be worn.

IDs are used for identification, and include grade and campus. IDs are also needed to purchase lunch. The ID is swiped at the register, making it easier and faster than punching in a number.

Every student is required to wear their ID on a lanyard around the neck.

“(It’s easier) to know where (the ID) is, (and provides) a general idea where they are at,” security Guard Jesus Castaneda said.

In previous years students didn’t take this rule seriously, but this year there are consequences.

“Student IDs have always been policy, it just hasn’t been enforced,” student activities director Cindy Spitz said.

Purchasing and wearing IDs are standard in many schools. Every campus has different rules.

High profile attacks in schools have necessitated the IDs. An ID helps indicate who belongs in the school.

“(It’s for) safety,” Spitz said.

Some students disagree and think IDs are not necessary.

“They think that we aren’t responsible enough,” junior Marian Garcia said.

The IDs are $5, when it is purchased a student also has to purchase a $2 lanyard for the ID.

“They’re just trying to get money out of us,” Garcia said.

Sometimes students don’t realize that IDs are required for good reasons.

“Always wear it, it shows the kids that if I can wear it I expect the same,” Castaneda said.


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