Hype it up for Student section


Angelica Ledesma

Seniors Audrey, Adam and Cesar cheer in the student section with senior class president Adonnis leading the group.

Angelica Ledesma, Reporter

Now that football season has started, school spirit is on full display in the student section. The student section started as a tradition in 1992. Whether a student is supporting the team, experiencing the crowd, earning community service hours or socializing, the student section is the place to be.

Student council members who organize the student section are all about school spirit.

“Being in the student section makes me feel comfortable. It’s exciting and very outgoing,” student council member Keyla Briseño said. “It truly makes me have more pride and spirit. The fun part about it is that you get to feel the moment. You recognize how pride is important and truly enjoy how fun it really is.”

Student council members plan ahead for upcoming football or basketball games.

“We like to plan ahead for the student section,” student section captain Aylene Martinez said. “We like to make posters within the theme and make the student section pop.”

The student section can be the center of attention.

“At games, we’re what everyone looks at,” student council member Eric Luera said. “We help get the fans involved and we’re proof that Del Valle spirit is better than all the other schools.”

Every student needs community hours in order to graduate. The simplest way to earn hours is by participating in the student section. The process starts by attending the upcoming games for football or basketball. Students sign in when the game starts. The following Monday, students check in at student activities with director Chris Lopez to get their hours.

“We get hours from the time the game starts until it finishes. I think participating is an easier way to earn hours, and if you participate, you’ll earn hours without even realizing it,” junior Mercy De la Rosa said.

Student council members organizers are trying to improve the crowd size.

“We try our best to get more people,” Martinez said. “I think the way students will participate in the student section is promoting community hours for everyone. I believe it will motivate and make them want to come because everyone needs hours.”

Every athlete needs support and motivation.

“I think everyone should be part of the student section,” Luera said. “The more people to help us, the more we can crush the other team’s spirit.”

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