Mac Miller, death of an icon

Art from a fan of Mac Miller and tweets from celebrities in response to his death.

Guest artist Angelica Soto, photo illustration by Moises Guevara

Art from a fan of Mac Miller and tweets from celebrities in response to his death.

Moises Guevara, Reporter

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Malcolm McCormick, stage name Mac Miller, overdosed in the bedroom of his home in the San Fernando Valley and was pronounced dead at the scene by officials Sept. 7. The news of his passing was a shock to fans and many instantly shared their thoughts, feelings and shared Miller’s effect on their lives.

“To me Mac Miller was my idol,” junior Hector Ruiz said, ”I grew up listening to him and he helped me get through hard times.”

Miller was admired for being positive.

“He always had a smile on his face and he was so positive,” senior Anahi Nevarez said. “He always made me laugh in his interviews.”

Miller was in the rap game nearly a decade, he gained a massive fan base.

“I first heard of Mac Miller in middle school and have listened to him ever since,” senior Amber Garcia said.

The music Miller made portrayed feelings people related to.

“A lot of the things Mac said just spoke to me,” senior Danielle Cervin said, “He would put confusing emotions into words that couldn’t be spoken out loud and made them make sense, something many people have a hard time doing.”

Miller’s death caused speculation.

“Some say it is because of his breakup with Ariana Grande, but to me that just isn’t the case,” Nevarez said, ” On his recent album he opens up about coming to terms with the breakup and Mac’s close friends have come out and said that he was in a good place before his passing, so to me that “theory” is easily debunked.”

Miller’s death sent a wave of emotions to his fans

“When I heard he overdosed I froze up, I couldn’t believe that he died,” Ruiz said, “I was so in shock cause I never expected him to die that way. Mac was so against going out like that.”

Miller’s death caused his streaming numbers to jump over 900 percent.

“The fact that people are just barely listening to him after he died is a little upsetting, but at least his music is getting the attention it has always deserved,” Garcia said.

Many celebrities expressed their sorrow over Miller’s passing.

“Every picture on my timeline is Mac. Every person in music knew him and loved him.. I haven’t been close to a person that had so powerful of a personality,” DJ Diplo tweeted.


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