The Voice of Del Valle takes on student activities


Eddie Zepeda

Student activities director Chris Lopez with his first period class.

Eddie Zepeda, Reporter

Former Professional Communications teacher Chris Lopez was named student activities director after student activities director Cindy Spitz retired last May. Ten years of experience with Spitz is helping Lopez transition.

“I’ve been shadowing Cindy Spitz for a number of years. I was a co-adviser for student council. I learned the process and some of the things she would do while she was here and that made the transition somewhat easier,” Lopez said.

The position can be intense.

“A struggle I have seen him face is learning how to juggle everything, since he is student activities director and women’s soccer coach, he has a lot on his plate and at times forgets little things he has to do,” student council president Erma Escobar said.

Lopez is finding his own way to do things.

“The differences between Spitz and Lopez is the way they run things. Spitz did it one way for years and years, Lopez wants to work with the same idea but upgrade it even if it takes a risk,” Escobar said.

Although student activities has a new director, they are doing everything possible to handle the job.

“We, as student council, are trying to upgrade everything that has been done already, of course we will keep the same traditions everyone has loved for years but will also try to make them better with our own touch of it,” Escobar said.

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