Major draftology 101, NBA vs. NFL


Illustration br Jason Saenz

Jason Saenz, Reporter

The two biggest drafts for sports fans are the NFL and the NBA. They are run totally opposite of each other. The NFL draft has 196 fewer picks than the other.  The NFL draft is held in spring and NBA draft in summer. Regardless of the difference both require tons of hard work and add a lot of stress to the draft prospects as they cannot afford to underachieve.

The NBA draft is held annually in Brooklyn as 30 scouts and team management gather to decide who will be their next franchise player while looking to avoid drafting the next Kwame Brown or Anthony Bennett also known as NBA busts. The same could be said about the NFL draft although an NFL team has enough capacity for 53 players while the NBA can only accommodate 15. Front offices must select wisely when drafting in the NBA. The NFL can afford to take a risk due to the major difference in roaster capacity.

The huge difference in the drafts is the number of selections. The NFL has seven rounds with 256 picks while the NBA has 60 picks in two rounds. Players are more likely to be drafted in the NFL. Both leagues require talent and passion and the number one asset is endless amount of work especially if they want to be the best.

Many sports fans like the NBA.

“I watch both drafts but personally enjoy the NBA draft more because it’s always interesting to see the players get drafted and see how they’ll fit,” coach Victor Gutierrez said.

The football draft has it focus.

“I enjoy the NFL draft a bit more than NBA because there are 256 meaning you get see the later rounds which I enjoy because you find the draft steals,” Sophomore Jonathan Diaz said.

Both drafts are unique and challenging and regardless of that they require talent and endless competitiveness in order to achieve greatness.

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