Summer can mean allergies

Summer can mean allergies

Briana Villalobos, Reporter

Summer is here and allergies are no fun. states that allergies are a damaging immune response by the body to a substance, especially pollen, fur,  food, or dust to which the body has become hypersensitive.

“Allergies are when your immune system reacts (hyper actively) to foreign material,” biology teacher Ramon Benavides said. “The most common are “seasonal allergies” which relate to pollen. These usually occur in the spring,”

Seasonal allergies can be frustrating and keep sufferers from enjoying outside activities. There are many ways to keep allergies at bay.

“Avoid activities that expose you to the allergens (foreign material) that trigger allergic reaction,” Benavides said.

Keep windows closed to prevent pollen and dust from coming in. While one is outside tiny particles attach to shoes, hair, clothes and skin. Shower and change clothes as soon as possible. Wear a mask. It can keep some allergens such as dust from going into the airway.  For more information on naturally allergies relief, read more on

“Taking antihistamines can help too. Histamines are chemical markers that trigger an inflammatory response, such as hives or sinus inflammation,” Benavides said.

Always visit a doctor before taking any medication for help with an allergen free summer.

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