Former coach now assistant principal


Brianna Silva

Chemistry teacher Josefina Zamora congratulates new assistant principal Victor Lara.

Brianna Silva, Reporter

From the football field to the classroom to an office, Victor Lara was announced assistant principal March 22, replacing assistant principal Cindy Ponce who went to Austin High School.

“It’s definitely something different, but I am honored to have received this position,” Lara said.

The former coach goes from correcting plays to administrative duties.

“I have to change the way I talk to kids because I’m so used to talking to them from a coach and teacher’s point of view,” Lara said. “Now I have to speak to them in a more stern matter.”

After coaching for 12 years, Lara will finally be doing something new.

“I will miss coaching, it’s been a part of my life for years and to no longer experience Friday night games with my team is hard,” Lara said.

The new assistant principal has a lot of support.

“I’m happy for Mr. Lara, he’s always been a good employee and I knew he’d be up for a change,” Principal Antonio Acuña said.

The position comes with expectations.

“I expect more from him, of course I expect him to keep working hard,” Principal Acuña said.

Change is not easy, but with time may become routine.

“Being in an office by myself is weird, I’m used to having a classroom full of kids and now I only see kids when they’re in trouble and when I’m not doing that I’m in meetings,” Lara said.

As of March 22, with only two weeks of experience, who knows what will happen in years to come.

“I’m happy with the change, we will miss Mrs. Ponce but I’m excited to see what Mr. Lara does,” Principal Acuña said.

A change in position permits employees to work together in a different setting.

“I know we will work well with each other, and I’m curious to see what ideas he’ll come up with in the future,” assistant principal Laura Ponce said.

A good work ethic can be rewarding.

“It’s a pleasure having Mr. Lara as the other assistant principal, when I heard he got the position I was very happy for him. Who better to get it than a hard working employee,” Assistant principal Laura Ponce said. “I feel that he earned this position.”