Retirement approaches for sponsor, coach, director, PAC member Spitz


Brandon Whipple

Student council sponsor Cindy Spitz enjoys the Leadership meeting celebrating Mardi Gras Feb. 13, with Chris Lopez and Coach Bruce Reichman.

Felix Pina, Reporter

Soccer coach, director of student council, student activities sponsor, and member of the Principal’s Advisory Committee (PAC), Cindy Spitz plays many roles in school. She continues to work hard at the heart of the school in what is her last year before retirement.

Spitz came to the school soon after Principal Armenia Smith joined the school in 1999 when Spitz was invited to become director of student activities and coach soccer.

“I taught physical education at Eastwood Middle School before I came to DVHS,” Spitz said. “I coached softball, soccer and track during my time at Eastwood.”

Spitz has been part of the Big Bad Blue 18 years and plays an important role in organizing school events.

“She started many traditions and we would love to continue with them,” Principal Antonio Acuña said.

Spitz is also a member of PAC, a select organization that works with administration to make the school better and for students.

“I am a faculty advisor along with Mr. Lopez, Ms. Avila and Mr. Acuña, we lead the monthly meeting and make sure that all activities that are planned by the committee are implemented,” Spitz said.

Spitz is also a soccer coach and director of student council.

“I am the student council sponsor,” Spitz said, “Student council is part of District 9, where all high schools participate and makes all schools enjoyable for students.”

To help with Spitz’s many jobs, Communications teacher Christopher Lopez is co-advisor for student council.

“Although I work with her on student council, I also help her with Student Activities and help her coordinate pep-rallies,” Lopez said.

While Spitz is busy with the PAC, coaching soccer and student council, she also organizes pep-rallies and Student Activities events including all Homecoming events.

“(Her) retirement will be tough,” Lopez says, “ She plays a vital role in this school.”

Lopez has been working with Spitz for 10 years. Filling her role will be a challenge.

“We want to find a person who does the same work as Spitz and works with new ideas,” Acuña said.

Acuña said that once the retirement is official, the faculty will start to look for a replacement.

Although Spitz has been a sponsor and instructor, the school has made an impact on her.

“I’ve learned that every student on campus is important and everyone in this school has something positive to bring,” Spitz said.

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