A racquet and a dream

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A racquet and a dream

The tennis team posing with style

The tennis team posing with style

Felix Pina

The tennis team posing with style

Felix Pina

Felix Pina

The tennis team posing with style

Felix Pina, Reporter

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The varsity tennis team is going head-to-head against other tennis teams in the district.

Tennis has two seasons. The first season starts in January and ends in March. The second season starts in the summer and ends in October. During both seasons, players learn to play doubles and singles. Doubles are played with two players against another two players, while singles play one-on-one on the field.

Some on the team have been playing tennis since they were very young.

“I have been playing tennis since I was nine years old and decided to join because it is my favorite sport,” tennis player Ana Valera said. She is one of 12 players on the team.

Some of the tennis players join because of the competition, others join for other reasons.

“I joined the tennis team because it seemed like a fun sport,” captain Pablo Quiros said.

While the tennis team joined to play the game, they need someone to help them become better and stronger.

“I was interested in tennis and decided to coach the team,” tennis coach Victor Gutierrez said. Gutierrez started coaching the tennis team last year, which was his first time coaching the team.

The tennis team started practice at noon and finished after two hours during the summer.

“We have to stand outside in the hot sun and practice hard,” Quiros said.

During the school year they practice after school.

“We practice two hours after school every day,” Valera said, “It is very tiring.”

While joining the tennis team might be fun and exciting, it takes hard work and dedication.

“To play tennis you need high stamina and endurance,” Quiros said, ”We need a lot of focus and endurance.”

During practice, the tennis team focuses on what they need to become better.

“Hitting the ball, serving, and moving your feet are the most common moves people need to work on,” Gutierrez said.

Besides their play style, the tennis team relies on each other to play well and to focus.

“I expect my team to be the best,” Valera said.

The team expect to play better and with all their might for the next season to come.

“We almost made it to bi-districts last season,” Gutierrez said, “But we will practice hard to be ready for the next season.”

Although the tennis team lost last season, Gutierrez has hope for his team.

“I hope my team will play hard, play with competition, and to do well in the classroom,” Gutierrez said.