Dance teams, classes feel the beat at dance recital


Alan Enriquez

Level 3 dancers practice for recital set for Dec. 16.

Alan Enriquez, Reporter

From the first beat of a song to the last, dancers stay synchronized with the song to the very end. The dance program is hosting their annual dance recital in the west gym where different classes including, Level 1,2,3, and 4 dancers, and the teams consisting of Conquerettes, Fuego, and Entrelace will perform, Dec. 16.

Dancers are already making preparations for the recital.

“We’ve been practicing for a month. Practice is fun but tiring because we do a lot,” Conquerettes captain Gabriela Chairez said.

Level 3 dancers already have their dances completed.

“We’re doing two, the first was choreographed by George from Motion Headquarters and the other by the students,” Level 3 dancer Brianna Silva said.

The Conquerettes chose the song they will dance to.

“It’s called “You’ll Find a Way,” by Santi Gold. We went with it because we thought it had cool beats,” Chairez said.

Level 3 dancers also chose the theme of their dance.

“We’re going to do something Egyptian because we think it goes well with the song,” Silva said.

Costumes are selected to go with the themes.

“The price (of costumes) is around $40 per Conquerette and for the classes we use costumes we have used in previous years,” Gloria Tovar said.

Dancers and choreographers have worked to change many things from the previous years.

“There’s more technique and you can see how much we have progressed as dancers,” Chairez said.

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