Christmas with a twist of pumpkin spice

Illustrated by Hector Diaz

Hector Diaz, Reporter

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A spooky Christmas sounds terrifying but Disney’s,The Nightmare Before Christmas, is an eye-opening world of otherworldly creatures that want to experience Christmas for the first time.

Famous writer Tim Burton and director Henry Selick, created this animated film. The Nightmare Before Christmas features, Jack Skellington, who is bored of doing the same thing year-after-year every Halloween. One day he finds himself in Christmas Town. It is exciting and he decides to be Santa. The town of Halloween breaks into chaos and confusion with his sudden change of mind. They don’t know what to do.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a tale of a man bored by his regular day. It’s an excellent movie to watch, it takes two of the greatest holidays and mashes them together. This movie is a scream! It was released Oct. 13, 1993 by Henry Selick and Tim Burton. Tim Burton voices Jack Skellington, Catherine O’Hara voices Sally, the detachable lady.

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