Grey’s Anatomy, in scrubs and in love


illustrated by Brianna Silva

Brianna Silva, Reporter

It is a confusing, twisted, love story revolving around doctors. In season one Meredith, Cristina, Izzie and George are interns at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Meredith and Derek have a complicated relationship which causes a misunderstanding between Derek, Meredith and Addison, Derek’s wife.

Everyone believes Meredith is the problem, but Addison has her own dark secret. The whole show is a crazy journey with these doctors.

Directors Wendey Stanzler and Tony Phelan are very successful in creating this show. “Grey’s Anatomy” was awarded “Best Drama Series,” by Satellite Awards. The cast members have also received awards individually because of this show. This series has had many views and is very popular on Netflix, it also plays on Lifetime.

Anyone interested in drama with a medical twist will be intrigued by this series. It is riveting in the first few episodes and next thing one knows it is season 14. It’s sad when one realizes the whole series is finished. It’s addicting and worth re-watching. This series is binge worthy. Seasons are not long and each episode is about 40 minutes but well worth it for all that goes on.

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