Homecoming royalty announced


Homecoming candidates - Michael, Rhianna, Julio, Janet, Antonio, Marlenne, Tristin, Gabriela, Andrew, Dania, and Christian. Royalty was announced Sept. 1.

Alan Enriquez, Reporter

Homecoming King is Julio Montellano, and Queen is Janet Rodriguez. The candidates fought a tough battle.

The girls competing for Queen included Sahaira Avila, Anahi Calvillo, Marlenne Ferando, Chloe Hipolito, and Janet Rodriguez.

The boys competing for King were Javier Baca, Julio Montellano, and Tristin Tuialuuluu. Winners of the royal titles were announced on Sept. 1, during Study Skills over the intercom. Royalty were presented with a bouquet of balloons by Principal Antonio Acuña in their respective classroom.

Out of the eight candidates that ran for the royal titles only two could emerge as winners.

“I gave out a lot of candy and chips and made many posters,” Montellano said.

The queen worked to persuade people to vote for her.

“I made posters and gave out shirts and candies,” Rodriguez said.

The competition was fierce.

“It’s a hard competition since they’re all so friendly,” Ferando said. “I think they have a better chance at winning because of it.”

The candidates performed a dance during breakfast at the cafeteria to earn votes.

“It took me two days to choreograph it with the help of some friends,” Tuialuuluu said. “Eight people were in the dance including myself.”

The candidates already have plans for Homecoming night.

“I plan to go with friends, as a group, and just have a great time at the dance,” Montellano said. “After the dance I’m going to a house party or something.”

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