The end is nigh for the Watchmen

Andres Manriquez, Writer


This is the grittiest and most visually striking superhero film in some time. This film is most definitely not for children due to its visceral visuals. Watchmen follows its source material word by word, visual by visual.

In the graphic novel a character will say specific words and in the film the character says the exact same words, the visuals are exactly the same. If you read the novel and watch the film it’s as if the scene was ripped right off the page and put on film.

Watchmen was a graphic novel released in 1986 by DC Comics. Director Zack Snyder wanted to adapt the graphic novel into film. Costumes from the graphic novel were really goofy but Snyder wasn’t afraid of putting those costumes and their bright colors into the film using dark purples and bright yellows.

The fighting scenes are intense and the camera zooms in just at the right time and slows down to show the impact of certain hits. In the darker grittier scenes the visuals are brutal. Guts literally hang from a ceiling. This thriller drama is well put together. It is faithful to the original material and has the right director for the part. It is perfectly cast with actors Jeffery Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Jackie Haley, Patrick Wilson and Mathew Goode.

The film was released March 6, 2009. Around that time the average budget for a film was $100 million. The budget for Watchmen was $120 million, $20,000 more than the average. There were three producers for this film interestingly enough Znyder’s wife was the main producer for the film with aside Lawrence Gordon and Lloyed Levin. Watchmen made $185.3 million in the box office the film made a profit of $65 million. This amount for the film is good for a 3 hour and 35 minute film with few showtimes due to the runtime.