Khalid, the Location Tour


Asya Vazquez

Khalid on his tour located downtown at Tricky Falls, Feb. 4.

Asya Vazquez, Reporter

Khalid, featured on Kylie Jenner’s daily story on Snapchat, is an 18-year- old from El Paso.  Both his soulful voice and youthful spirit shine when he sings, “ I just graduated/I ain’t got no obligations, the opening lines of Khalid’s Lets Go. Khalid’s breakout hit  Location  made the top 10 hits on Billboard’s Hot R&B songs Dec.27.  By the end of  Jan. 5, it had  2.9 million U.S. clicks and amassed nearly 27 million global plays on Spotify.

Location came to me out of nowhere. From the first time I heard the beat play, the words flew out,” Khalid said.

Khalid wrote the song but his producers helped the hit come together.

“Being in the same environment with great artists, producers like Sky Sense and Tunji Ige with the crazy, dope creativity helped the creation of the song move so smooth,” Khalid said”.

Khalid starts his first U.S. tour  and is coming to El Paso, Feb. 4.

“I like to make my tickets affordable so everyone could make it,” Khalid said.

Junior Kimberly Rodriguez is thrilled about Khalid’s upcoming concert.

“I cannot wait to go, I hope it to be a memorable experience I won’t forget,” Rodriguez said.

   Location has gone viral and the Americas graduate is up for a tour in Europe. He is also in the process of making an album to be released  March 3. His current hits including Location, Lets Go, Reasons, Coaster, Hopeless and Saved are available on Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora.

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