Morning pep rallies a popular trend


Brandon Aaron Chavez

Varsity football coach Jesus Perales motivates the crowd to win the Spirt Stick at the first morning pep rally of the year, held in commons, Sept. 1.

Asya Vazquez, Reporter

As early as morning pep rallies start, well before the first bell rings, many students like them.

“It’s a terrific idea,” Felicia Hoyo said. “I enjoy them and I’m sure not the only student here who does.”

Although Hoyo is not always here in the morning when the early pep rallies start, Hoyo believes it encourages school spirit.

“I truly enjoy watching the performances our school has to offer such as Cheerleaders, Conquerrettes, Fuego, Entrelance,” Hoyo said.

Support teacher Hortencia Sandoval said interruptions can impact grades and scores and morning pep rallies are beneficial because they cause less disruptions.

“It just depends on the time of the day that they host the pep rally,“ Sandoval said.

Principal Acuña enjoys morning pep rallies at least once a week.

“It brings back school spirit,” Acuña said.

Many may wonder if there will be pep rallies during the school day.

“I want to assure students that all I did was added more to the morning, but we will continue to have during school pep rallies,” Acuña said.

Student council president Daisy Avila is in charge of setting up games and trying to get students involved into participating.

“It feels like it starts off the day exciting for students,”  Avila said.