Academic UIL teams bring home the win in district

Jacob Mendoza, Reporter

Once again the school dominated at UIL Academics taking first in the district. The meet was held at Chapin High School, April 2. Competition that took place included accounting, math, computer science, journalism, social studies, speech, and science.


After weeks of practice competitors were put to the test.


“I feel like I have a big weight off of my shoulders knowing that I tried my best and I was able to do better than I thought,” junior Giovan Baltazar said.


It has been a long journey for a lot of the teams.


“I have been practicing for about a month almost every day to get ready to go and compete,” junior Jose Renteria said.


It is not that easy to prepare for the competition. It takes a lot of training and practice to get in the right mindset to concentrate to place.


“The team did extremely well and swept again this year and took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 9th and we took 1st overall,” Accounting team sponsor Melissa Alvarez said.


Overall the teams who competed feel satisfied with the amount of effort that was put in with all the training and experience that some of the members have gotten throughout previous years.


“We had plenty of time to practice and study and it went really smooth. I think we just have a really strong team every year,” Alvarez said.


Now with district competitions over most of the teams who placed will get the chance to go to lubbock including computer science, journalism, accounting, and number sense.


The members who made it to regionals are Giovan Baltazar, Dario Beltran, Blanca Kline, Bruce Jordan, Bryan Valenzuela, Eduardo Lopez, Stephanie Frausto, Enriko Granadoz, Monica Guerrero, Jorge Miranda, Emmanuel Oyervides, Paulina Lopez, Myriam Pedroza, Samantha Pinon, Peter Miller Valerio, and Ruben Trejo.