FCCLA donates to Runaway Teen Center

Illustrated by Allison Falcon

Allison Falcon, Reporter

Members of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) donated clothes for girls ages 13 to 17 to the Teen Runaway Center. FCCLA members collected clothing April 4 through April 22.

“We always donate to the Child Crisis Center and the last time we did we found the Teen Runaway Center. One of my students got the information of donations (the Teen Runaway Center) is hoping to receive,” FCCLA sponsor Yvonne Salcido said.

FCCLA hoped to bring different associations and clubs to donate to the center as well.

“We sent emails to different clubs and we’re hoping to collect at least one bag of clothing from each organization,” Salcido said.

Two of Salcido’s students developed the project, sophomores Danielle Flores and Samantha De Santiago.

“We came up with this project because we know that many teenagers run away and they don’t have many clothes,” Flores said.

Salcido said that getting a large quantity of clothes would be marvelous, however the intention is what counts.

“I know many teens aren’t fortunate enough to have the luxury of buying new clothes and we all have clothes we don’t use anymore that we can donate,” De Santiago said.

FCCLA received 11 bags of clothing and Salcido delivered them April 23. Salcido said any kind of donation is always good and being kind enough to donate for others to help their lives can also impact one’s life.

“I help because I love to see the smiles on other’s faces and the joy you can bring to someone,” De Santiago said.