Conquest Journal’s 2K16 Lip Dub


Robert Trejo

Lip Dubber's final scene wrap up the fun.

Robert Trejo, Reporter

Confetti, balloons and costumes lit up the halls in Conquest Journal’s fourth annual Lip Dub. Twenty-two organizations participated in this fun event and went all out to make Lip Dub fun and memorable for the school. Practices were held April 12 and 19. Recording took place April 20.

“We’ve seen schools throughout the nation and some of my students brought the idea to do it here in El Paso, it’s a great school spirit project and it’s a great opportunity for students as well,” Conquest Journal sponsor Marisol Rivera said.

For any event preparation is required and preparation means decisions. It takes time to make sure everything is perfect.

“We prepare by getting all the organizations together and then we assign them a different song and a different location throughout the school, Conquest Journal and myself spend about a week picking the songs and hopefully it will be presented on April 22,” Rivera said.

In every school event the sponsor is in charge. Students organize everything and get the job done.

“We make sure we have lots of announcements and organizations involved. For the songs we get everyone’s suggestions and we have to decide on a few that will fit best,” senior Iriana Soto the event coordinator said.

The fun part of the event is being in it and any organization or student is welcome to participate.

“Being in the Lip Dub is really fun and exciting because you get to lip sync your heart out and jump around and have a good time. I did my first Lip Dub freshman year and had a blast. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do it last year because something came up, but this year should be a for sure thing and I’m really excited to see how it’s all going to come out,” junior Cadria Barraza said.