Senior absences on the rise

Ruben Trejo, Sports Reporter

Most seniors want to enjoy their last year of high school. Missing school may be a good thing for seniors but it is a negative for the school.

“The seniors should be setting an example not only for themselves, but also for the lowerclassmen,” attendance clerk Ida Arenas said.

Students see attendance as a nuisance and may not see it as big an issue.

“A lot of my friends miss school, it’s just hard getting up sometimes and emergencies happen,” senior Michael Jimenez said.

Due to the new Attendance Counts initiative, being at school is emphasized.

“Attendance impacts the seniors in ways that can come back to bite them, including the possibility of not graduating due to loss of credit,” Arenas said.

In an effort to decrease absences among the student body, administration is offering several giveaways to students that attend school, such as gift cards and free donuts. Students have their own ideas for improvements.

“If school started later, more people would be willing to actually go,” senior Rocio Tovar said.

Attendance is mandatory for students, and missing school can present a series of consequences not worth the risk.

“Every student, not just seniors, should be at school every day. No one wants to receive court warnings or have to do hours for credit recovery,” Arenas said.