Senior trip, destination San Antonio


Illustrated by Jorge Miranda

First annual senior trip

Jesus Martinez, Reporter


Seniors about to graduate and become adults are ready to make the end of this year a fun experience by going on a four day trip to San Antonio.

“There used to be a senior trip about 10 years ago in all high schools, and I wanted to revive this tradition because students get the chance to have a great time with their friends and they will be talking about their experience as the years go by,” Principal Antonio Acuña said.

Many are counting down the days for the first annual senior trip.

“The event Is taking place May 19 through the 22,” Acuña said.

Seniors traveling to San Antonio will visit Seaworld, Six Flags, the Riverwalk and the Alamo.

“I chose this location, because there is entertainment, sea animals and history all in one place, which not many cities have to offer,” Acuña said.

There will be 200 seniors attending the senior trip and the cost is $240 per student, they will stay at the Marriott Hotel and travel by the Misioneros bus company.

“The fact that you are able to get away for a weekend with all of your high school friends and enjoy time off, makes it a great memorable high school experience,” senior Josh Ortega said.

The senior trip to White Sands was recently cancelled because not many students were willing to attend.

“I think there wasn’t that many seniors willing to go because it wouldn’t be as fun and exciting, and they had already made the expense to go to San Antonio,” senior Efrain Orozco said.

Students want to get out of town and forget about high school for a couple days.

“The White Sands trip had no specific date, because it was still an unsure thing, and we wanted to see how many students wanted to go before making it official,” Acuña said.

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