Teacher by day, benefactor by night


Diana Limas, Assistant Editor

Besides teaching, some teachers do a little bit more during the holidays. Math teacher Olga Perez and her mother, Santa Teresa High School culinary teacher Olga H. Perez, are the organizers of the Penguin Parade a charity designed to help those in need.

The Penguin Parade is organized to help 300 people have a full Christmas dinner, Dec. 12  at Santa Teresa High School.

“This is to help under-privileged children, and their families to an entertaining warm dinner, and have Santa Claus bring presents,” Olga Perez said.

Perez and and her mother have organized this event 10 years in a row, with the help of students and staff from the Penguin Parade.

“I started at EPISD at College Career and Technology Academy eight years, then Garden ISD at Santa Teresa High School for the last two years,” Olga H. Perez said.

Santa Teresa students help by buying part of the things needed such as plates, forks, napkins, and receive community hours in exchange.

“It’s an easy way to get hours and to know that it is actually helping somebody. Making a difference is even better,” senior Ana Ureña said.

The planning is rigorous and the whole family is involved.

“My father gets a lot of help from the Post Office with monthly mailing starting in August to start organizing and planning the event,” Olga Perez said.

Perez’s uncle dresses up as Santa Claus and her cousins and nieces play princesses such as Elsa and Anna from Disney movie, Frozen.

“I feel very blessed to have a very giving and caring family, we are really happy to make a difference every Christmas,” Olga H. Perez said.