Destination San Antonio for first ever senior trip


Diana Limas, Assistant Editor

For the first time in the 28 year history of the school, the senior class will  embark on a Senior Class trip to San Antonio thanks to principal Antonio Acuña.

“Is not the first time I’ve done (a class trip), but it is the first time Del Valle does,” Acuña said.

The idea was introduced by Acuña to Senior Class officers who loved it and began planning for the trip.

“The trip is going very well. We currently have 196 students attending,” sponsor Yolanda Solis said.

This trip is organized by principal Antonio Acuña, class president Ariana Solis, and class sponsor Yolanda Solis.

“We will be visiting the Alamo, Six Flags, Sea World, the river walk and you don’t want to miss that,” Acuña said.

Acuña has a lot of plans for seniors to have fun in San Antonio.

“I expect everyone to have a good time on this trip with their friends, we want them to have a good feeling and a good experience,” Class of 2016 secretary Abeli Nuñez said.

Acuña said seniors should attend this trip because is another opportunity for them to create life-long memories and make their senior year better.

“I think that it is a very good idea because it is something fun and you get to know students more, plus it is a good time with your friends,”Nuñez said.

Students assigned to Special Assignment Class (SAC) will not be allowed to go on the trip.

“Students have to do their best to deserve this trip otherwise it wouldn’t be fair for others that are doing well,” Solis said.