School dress code changes


Priscilla Erickson

Inappropiate Dress Code attire.

Robert Trejo, Reporter


Dress code rules changed and are being enforced. Many students dislike the dress code enforcement.

“We shouldn’t have rules for dressing the way we want, we should be expressing ourselves,” junior Celine Galaviz said.

Principal Acuña thinks otherwise.

“Being told how to dress in school gets you ready for real life in a couple of years. When you get a job you will be told how to dress appropriately so we want to prepare you for that,” principal Acuña said.

While students may disagree with the dress code, teachers express the importance of such rules.

“I believe that every school should have a dress code for purposes such as distractions and safety issues, but students should be able to express themselves through clothing as well,” Language Arts teacher Gabriela Diaz said.

Some teachers disagree with the  dress code, but tell students to respect the rules.

“I had some students with colored hair and some with piercings as well, but never saw that distract them from doing work. I’m guessing the district just doesn’t want them because it makes us look bad. But if students like that then let them,” Biology teacher Morgan Pena said.    

Basic dress code rules forbid spaghetti strap shirts or dresses even when worn under a cardigan or sweater, and IDs must be worn at all times. These rules have always been part of the dress code but are being enforced more now. One new dress code rule is that shirt tails cannot be past the wrist and must be tucked in.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal if girls wear a spaghetti strap shirt under a cardigan, as long as they don’t show too much skin. They shouldn’t be breaking dress code violation,” junior Brandy Marquez said.