Spring recital: Last performance


photo by Jenny Cereceres

Entrelace dances to Burlesque Express.

Spring Recital #FlashbackFriday, was the final recital for the dance teams and dance classes.

“It went just as planned. We had almost 600 people attend, I feel relieved now that it’s done and it went great,” dance teacher Gloria Tovar said.

It takes too much time to prepare students for the recital, and even though students will dance it once, performances must be perfect.

“It takes a lot of planning. We have to decide on music, style and costumes. There’s also the stage, lighting and tickets that we were on,” Tovar said.

Students danced with confidence, almost as if no one was watching.

“I admit that the first time I danced at my first recital I was really nervous, but now that it’s my fourth one I have gained confidence and give it my best,” junior Jazmin Perez said.

Dance teachers start going over the choreography in March, so they have plenty of time for the dancers to learn.

“We had to practice with a lot energy to make it better than the previous recital,” junior dancer Jennifer Montez said.

For some students the first recital was better, but for seniors it was memorable since it was their final high school recital.

“It was a good recital but I’m sad that it’s my last one. I’m going to miss everyone,” senior Conquerette Victorina Melendez said.

Seniors put in dedication and time for their last dances to make the performance memorable. Songs included; The Way You Make Me Feel, I’m an Albatross, Ella Tiene Fuego, One and Only and You Lost Me.

“I tried to give my best and enjoyed as much I could when I danced,” senior dancer Dayra Soto said.

Not only will the girls miss the fun they had as a team but as a staff as well.

“I am going to miss every single one of them. We had an amazing year and I wish them the best, I hope they come back to visit,”  Tovar said.