Yearbook theme urges students to Conquer the Journey

The countdown to graduation sign comes up, prom king and queen posters declare candidates and various yearbook flyers paper the walls, offering students a chance to remember the journey they’ve created. All are signs that the year is coming to an end.

Students can reminisce the memories with a yearbook. But, unknown to most students, a small, elite staff created the 192-page book. The staff, composed of four seniors and seven juniors, worked hard to capture the great moments they hope ensure students a memorable year as Conquistadores.

Students hopefully will have their expectations met. The theme, Conquer the Journey is evident throughout the book to give students a chance to recapture the memories.
“Every book is different, and hopefully better, because each year is different,” yearbook adviser Antonia Seltzer said, “This year, students can expect spectacular photography, clean design and a theme that hits close to home.”
The hardworking staff dedicated themselves to the design and photos that students will use to see the events they’ve experienced through every page of the book.
“We put a lot of effort into the book and I’m excited to finally see it out there. I hope everyone likes it and appreciates the fond memories as much as I do,” yearbook editor in chief Aimee Garcia said, “I hope they appreciate the effort of the staff and everything we got into it.”
As the year wraps up, some students look forward to see the contents of the book.
“I hope the yearbook will be able to capture as many senior year memories as possible. For example, any pictures that show how great my last year in high school was,” senior Jazmine Anchondo said.

Throughout the years, students can look back at their yearbook and remember the fun memories they made.
“It’s always great to remember the things you once did and the moments we’ve shared together,” senior Cassandra Lopez said, “I want to be able to look at my yearbook 20 years from now and remember all my high school memories.”
Now that the year is ending and grueling yearbook deadlines have been met, the students and staff anticipate the arrival of the books.
“I’d like to thank the staff. This year’s staff was small, but they were very hardworking. I’m proud of the work they did, they did an awesome job. I hope everybody loves this year’s book as much as the staff loved making it,” Seltzer said.