Conquistadores, one family one destiny


Photo by Aimee Garcia

Soccer team Conquistadores have each others back. They come to be family and can stand against anyone. Once they touch the soccer field,  people know there is going to be a good competition.

“We always play with the set mind that we are brothers, we leave everything on the field, we play like we have played for years, but I think it is just the fact we spend time together,” midfield  Alonzo Paiz said.

Players know they have the support from every family in the community, they are important to the community and neighborhood.

“I saw love coming from all angles, they seem like they love us, and that was one thing that pushed us to do better and to try harder, our coach always had our back and showed love as well,”  defense and midfield Jesus Payan said.

This team of Conquistadores knows what the spectators like to see. Playing well is the key to making people happy, and the team knows that in playing great and as a team, the family of each player will be happy.

“We always practice hard, no matter if it was an easy day, we needed that extra practice. We are not the perfect team, but we know that practicing and being dedicated, we are going to be better and our families will have a smile on their faces by seeing us play,” forward Alan Ramos said.

Getting to playoffs is not easy, and Conquistadores were one of the many high school teams to get there by working hard and by dedicating their time.

“I am very proud of my players, they deserved all, they are all good kids. Playing soccer is all they want, and I believe they deserve this spot in playoffs because of all the hard work,” head coach Bruce Reichman.”

There is no looking in the future, soccer is soccer, and nobody can tell what is coming, winning or losing is separated by a thin line.

“That last game we played was an exciting game, everybody was yelling and supporting the team, we played hard and with all we got, but there is one thing about soccer, no one knows what the final score is going to be,” Payan said.

The emotion players experience by stepping into the field is just having all one wants, they love soccer, they dream soccer and they play soccer.

“Being able to play in the playoff was just awesome, I love soccer and I would give it all to play one last time with my team and let them know that I got their back,” Paiz said.

The boys soccer team ended the season 14-7-3 overall, the team achieved the goal it set, they stay hungry.

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