A tough swing to the top

Tennis captains named

As they pick up their racket, bounce the ball and check the wind, Angel Alba and Jacquelyn Medina take a swing. Tennis is a sport in which concentration, commitment, improvement and dedication are required for success.

The commitment and hard work have finally paid off, both Alba and Medina went from being team members to next year’s captains.

“As I grew up, tennis caught my attention, and now that I’m on a team, Rafael Nadal and Novack Djokovic, professional tennis players, are my inspiration to keep playing,” Alba said.

It’s not only a sport but a team where everybody becomes a family, with each others help.

“All members in the team form an amazing partnership. If one needs help there’s always someone that helps overcome that difficulty,” tennis captain, Dominic Parada said.

Team members must pass all classes. If they are one of the top three players in the district they may even earn a scholarship.

“I wanted to take something challenging where I could get an award. At first, I didn’t have a chance, but then I started getting better and if I keep working like this, I know I can get rewarded,” Medina said.

Tennis has two seasons, therefore they have two teams. The fall team plays doubles; two boys vs. two boys, two girls vs. two girls, or mixed. They can only compete as a team and not as individuals.

“You have to be very patient when you play to be able to win,” Alba said.

After fall season is over, it’s time for spring season and the team plays singles one to one, never mixed. But they can go to competition as individuals.

“Tennis has become a part of my life. It has oriented me. It helps me become a strong player and focus on school in order to achieve my educational career step by step,” captain Ariel Flores said.