NFL Honors most deserving, best in league


Illustration By Ruben Trejo

 For the past four years the NFL has had an award show on the eve of the Super Bowl recognizing some of the game’s best players. Some of these awards include the MVP, Rookie of the Year, which congratulate the players for outstanding play on the field. Some awards honor the players for their actions in their communities such as providing help and good morals for those in need. All together this special night is an honor to many player and coaches.

 “I think it’s a good idea because those guys have a very violent job and short careers that we get to enjoy watching so it’s nice to honor the top performers because those honors usually are meaningful for the players and outlast the earnings they receive,” varsity football Coach Rick Fette said.

 Players such as Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo and many others are front-runners for the MVP Award. Rookies Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham Jr., and Teddy Bridgwater are highly acclaimed candidates for the Rookie of the Year award. Among all the other awards, this year’s show has many anticipated candidates to claim each award.

 “I honestly think Aaron Rodgers should win MVP no doubt about it, as for Rookie of the Year that should be Odell Beckham Jr.,” junior Edgar Santellanes said.

  As the Super Bowl approaches, football fans will unite to admire not only the Super Bowl participants, but also the winners of these prestigious awards. This year’s awards look to be the best of previous years and look to attract a large audience with host Seth Meyers.

 “I probably won’t watch the awards this year but I think it’s cool that the NFL is honoring these players,” junior Alaim Rodriguez said

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