Top senior makes scholarship semi-finals


Nicholas Duran

Getting straight As is difficult, but to many being ranked number 1 in the graduating class seems almost impossible. Senior David Contreras, makes it look like kindergarten work.

It was recently announced that Contreras was a semi-finalist for the Coca Cola scholarship.

“Out of the six years I have been here this is the first time I have had a student make it to the semi finals, and it’s a good feeling to know that I am doing what I can to help him in the process,” Go Center Coordinator Daniel Calderon said.

“It’s hard keeping everything up to date, but after a while things start to get easier,” Contreras said.

The Coca Cola scholarship was started in1989 and has helped over 5,400 students with college financial assistance. Contreras, joins 149 other Texas Coca Cola scholarship semi finalists. In order to qualify a student must: be a high school senior with at least a 3.0 GPA, complete the application by the Oct. 31, deadline, list grades, community activities, and employment. There are no essays required for the application.

Everyone would like the kind of grades Contreras has, but many wouldn’t be willing to put the amount of hard work he does as well.

“If I had to put my foot in his shoes I wouldn’t last a week,” senior Perla Avila said. “Putting in all that hard work would be worth it, but I couldn’t do the work he does.”

Being the best in the class is hard with other top students reaching for the number 1 spot as well, but it would be hard to beat Contreras. He is also a member of several organizations including NHS, FBLA, and DECA.

“I try my best and hardest at everything I do, and I’d like to end my high school year with a bang,” Contreras said.

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